The Simple Strategy To Correctly Maintaining Your Yacht.

Correctly maintaining your yacht ensures it remains in turn-key operations and ultimately allows you to spend more of your money cruising on board, rather than having to pay for costly repairs. So how is this attained? How do you make sure your yacht is properly maintained over the course of its lifetime, or yours for that matter?

The answer then ultimately is simple: Cleanliness. By keeping a clean yacht your maintenance costs will always be lower, guaranteed!

Of course there is more to it than that but the lesson here in essence is to keep it simple. This is the your starting point.

The idea then is to go through as best as possible every nook and cranny, ensuring cleanliness and creating a cleaning routine for each area of your vessel. Do so with a camera and a pen and paper in hand. Establish your own set of checklists and break your checklists into four categories, namely;

  • Weekly or bi-weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annual

Reading through the vessels operational manuals is always a good idea and will definitely aid in further building a comprehensive set of checklists.

The outcome here will be the foundation for a disciplined maintenance schedule and a good understanding of your vessels systems and equipment. Most importantly, it also aids in ensuring your vessels seaworthiness and your own safety.


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