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Ruya Marine Support offers operational support targeted towards small and medium sized yachts, as well as shore-side assistance to larger yachts. Our range of services will ensure that your yacht is being maintained, operated, and administered to—

— International Conventions and Standards.

— Ownership wishes and characteristics.

Operational Support ——

We coordinate and control the periodic maintenance of the yacht with the crew. The work is aligned with budgets and the yachts program agreed with the owner every year, selecting and working closely with vendors, contractors and shipyards.

Yacht under repair


—— Consulting

From company formation to flag state selection, classification, refit, repairs and rebuilds, we have developed a solid knowledge base and a pool of qualified individuals to guide you through all phases of yacht ownership. Similarly, we work on providing advice in the purchase or sale of your vessel.

Administration & Accounting ——

Full financial governance, offering separate bank accounts for each vessel. The expenses are controlled from an annual planned budget with monthly reconciliations. Quarterly and annual reporting reviewed and reported by a CPA.

Super Yacht


—— Vessel Formalities & Insurance Support

We advise and review insurance coverages with selected agents whom we have known and worked with for many years. Regulatory matters, vessel documentation and certifications are also other areas that we excel in, ensuring your yacht documentation is always current.

Safety Management

Ruya Marine Support focuses on promoting, educating and ensuring safe operations on our yachts and for our clients. We are therefore certified as Lead Internal Auditors of the International Safety Management Code (ISM Code) and are certified Designated Person Ashore (DPA). While our DPA services are provided to the large yachts, we encourage implementing Safety Management Systems according to the Code to all of the vessels we provide services to.

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